Use a disk on the Audi Music Interface

Quite recently my Audi A3 8V Sportback was delivered. Great!

Audi A3 8V

Driving it has been a delight so far. One of the reasons why is the fact that all my music is available to play on the Audi Sound System. Chills guaranteed!

There’s the possibility to add 2 SD cards and the Audi Music Interface cable allows you to connect USB storage. During the order process it stated that the SD card readers only supports up to 32 GB and it didn’t state anything on limitations for the USB storage.

Audi Music Interface

I still had an old Western Digital Passport 320 GB drive. It uses a single USB connector for data throughput and power. It spins up, great! From what I’ve found it can deliver 500 mA of power for your drive.

And now, for accessing the data volume: after some trial and error I came to the conclusion that NTFS formatted volumes aren’t supported, but the good old FAT32 is!

The next hassle is the fact that since Windows XP the built-in format tool only allows to create 32 GB FAT32 volumes. I’ve learned that FAT32 supports up to 2 TB volumes. It doesn’t make sense why the limitation is present.

Of course you are not obliged to use the built-in format tool. I’ve found another one named FAT32 Formatter. The website gives clear instructions on how to make a volume as you wish.

Once you’ve done this, simply copy all your music to the drive and connect it to the Audi Music Interface. And there you go! Forget about the 32 GB volume limit, up to 2 TB of music is at your expense this way.

On a sidenote: it’s possible to use SD cards up to 2 TB if you order the GPS Plus with MMI touch navigation system. Only issue with that is that it costs 130% more than the GPS with SD card option. Unless you have an unlimited budget …